The FAQ’s

The FAQ’s

I paid twelve months of slip rent to the old owner. Will I get a refund?

Answer: Our advice is to reach out to the previous marina owner and ask for a reimbursement. When we took over the contract, we did not receive any rents from the old ownership for November and December. However, we worked with the previous marina owner on several other items and found her easy to work with.

When will boat owners receive a new contract for 2023?
Answer: We would liked to have the information uploaded into our new marina software program by now and sent to you. Unfortunately, as we cross-reference the slip rental information we are now receiving with what was provided by the previous marina owner, we find the data does not match.

For example:
1. Multiple people assigned to the same slip
2. Renters bought and sold boats over the years, and slip owners were not tracked.

We are doing our due diligence to send out new soon. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

When I turned in the information on your sheet, did you want me to list ALL the people to whom the information was linked and provide a current address to reach us?

Answer: Yes, please let us know who the primary contact will be on your slip. Please understand that we can only reach you if you have an updated address. If you did not receive a letter, please call us so we can work to make both your and our records correct. (719-351-8190)

As a current slip owner, I am still waiting to receive correspondence about the new contract and rates. What should I do?

Answer: We have a pile of returned mail, and we assume some of them, like yourself, still want to rent slips. That would be great, so please call or email:

I received my contract but noticed that there was no slip number. Can you explain why, please?

Answer: For some reason, a lot of the slip numbers did not transfer. We have you on the same slip. We are using ‘Dockwa’, a marina management software system, and have contacted them to address some of the glitches that have come up. It might take us a few days, especially with the holiday but we will work through it. Thanks for letting us know!

Why are slip rents going up in January even without electricity?

Answer: The costs of running a marina have increased. Insurance, employee benefits, materials, and all other expenses have experienced inflation. We are matching the same non-electrical rents as South Shore Marina.

Will we see any positive changes when we return for the boating season?

Answer: Yes. We are cleaning up the storage yard, buying needed equipment, addressing deferred maintenance, purchasing new technology, and opening the house on the dock to be rented out and used for community activities. We look forward to hosting activities bringing us together as a boating community.

Many capital reserve items will have to be addressed when the new marina is built and are not feasible to do in the short term and then need to be redone later. If you are angry about the circumstances surrounding the Marina, it is understandable. We completely understand, as we are boat owners with slips at the marina. We all are being inconvenienced.

Finally, let us assure you that we are working hard to provide Marina leadership and management. We are doing our best to get the Marina running as safely and quickly as possible.

Will we have any slips with electricity by this summer?

Answer: We do not foresee having any electrical slips this summer. If you
can’t be positive and make the best of it; this may be a great summer
to pass on your slip so that others can enjoy the experience. We are already developing a waiting list of interested boaters.

Will the Gate code change now that it is January 1st?

Answer: The gate code will remain the same as in December, under the previous vendor. There are plans to update the codes once we can find a method to provide the news codes confidentially to those slip renters still needing access to their boats. Happy New Year!

I received the new contract. Now, what? Also, I see references to ‘Dockwa’. Why?

Answer: That is good news as we have had challenges for some of you to include even me. 😊 It should have come to you via the email address that you provided. For those of you who may still need to receive your agreement electronically, please forward your email address. We have more than a dozen or so previous slip renters for whom we just don’t have any email addresses to send the agreements and even some of the mailing addresses aren’t correct. Ask around. Check with your fellow slip renters. Advise them to contact us ASAP. Again, we are consolidating all our responses to boaters via:

Next steps:

1. Read the ENTIRE email. You will have some action to take so this is critical.

2. Review and sign the agreement. And we mean to give it a thorough review and if you have questions or don’t think a section pertains to you then please ask. There is a “Help” box on the right side at the top of the form. I have attached a picture here so you can see what it looks like.

And to be clear: Everyone who receives a contract has a slip. We did not remove it. Check out the slip price on your agreement. If it was adjusted, it was likely due to us verifying the size of your boat and adding a surcharge if required for larger boats (like a houseboat, for example) that take up additional real estate, or we were matching the pricing at South Shore Marina as we have mentioned before on this group page. Again, you can call us at 719.351.8190 and we will review pricing with you.

Yes, you must sign electronically with your mouse. Kind of fun! How about you? I am getting better with each electronic document, but it does mean you agree with the terms. And there is a nice reminder by having you click on the two boxes before you submit.

3. Add any REQUIRED information. We still have potential slip renters without key contact information. Not only do we need this now to complete the agreement process but also in case of an EMERGENCY. Let’s say we have to get on your boat. I know the Marina service team had to get on a boat recently, for example, due to a faulty sensor making a noise. They were able to turn it off as they had the code for the boat in the documents and were also able to contact the boat owner to explain why they needed access.

And then there were the 8 boats that came untied during the recent windstorm. Remember, my recent post? Again, we require complete contact information and there is a place in the paperwork you received to “fill in the blanks”. I had to add my insurance information for example. Oh yes, my CL documentation as well. I really liked that I could open a marina store account using the new electronic form process. (NOTE: You can’t open the account until you have provided both insurance and registration documentation, FYI) Can’t wait to see what the new manager has in mind for items to purchase! I know they were in the store yesterday painting. Also, they are offering FREE coffee and FREE ice! Now, that’s service! 😊

4. Confirm & Pay. Again, the new vendor is using a well-established marina accounting system. It is called, “Dockwa”. If you need help from Dockwa, you can submit a request or quickly get answers through the vendor’s Helpdesk. We would like to hear about your experience with Dockwa so let me know here or email:

Our goal is to make your boating experience positive as well as save time so you can be on the water in the months ahead. You likely will be asked to create a “Dockwa account” to easily access your agreements, and upload new information in your account and other important news and information so we encourage you to do so.

Again, we all are in “learning mode” here but I must say this week has been much better than the last one. Happy New Year.

What if we would like to change our boat slip?

Answer: We will assign everyone to their old slip and try to reach tenants we have yet to hear from. When we are confident that we have a reasonably accurate list, we will start calling people who have requested a slip change. Meanwhile, if you know boaters who had slips, we would appreciate you contacting them and asking them to get with the new vendor if they still want a slip during 2023. Email:

Will the restaurant be open in 2023?

Answer: We are hoping to open the restaurant. We are in the process of getting the necessary permits to serve food. We have yet to determine what the menu will be.

Again, that is the goal! So hungry!

When will the store open back up?

Answer:  We are waiting for our sales tax license and vendor accounts to be approved. Hopefully, we will open in the next couple of weeks. And we are excited to announce we have hired an experienced manager with retail experience! Wait until you meet her! We are so privileged to have her on the team. More later.

Can you explain why there are some of us renting the same size slip but have different rental fees?
Answer:  Here is a copy of the North Shore Non-Electric Rates. Remember, there are no slips with power available. Please note that there are additional costs associated with larger boats including dock design, additional counterweights for balance and stability, etc. As we begin to design the new slips for the future it will require additional materials to ensure safety and access in and out of slips. So, as an example. A Double Slip for a 10-month contract if the slip is over 20 feet wide and the beam of the boat is over 10 feet the price is $645. However, if your vessel is more than X in length or XX feet in width there is a surcharge of $X dollars a foot.
Will there be water at the Marina during 2023?
Answer:  There will be water at the Marina this Summer. It is shut off now for the Winter and will be turned back on in the Spring when safe to do so.
Can you explain why some of us rent the same size slip but have different rental fees?

Answer:  Please see the attached file with our current rental rates. It also has our qualifiers for what makes a slip rate what it is. Our slip rents are mainly based on boat size and whether they are seasonal or annual renters. However, some slips are not the standard size and are priced based on the size of the slip. This mainly applies to Super Single and Super Double Slips. Hopefully, this helps explain our approach to rates.

Again, email: for questions.


Any alternatives for power since we won’t have dock electricity?

Answer: We have noticed a number of boaters using generators or solar to generate power. For example, on the 400 docks check out La Bella Vita. This houseboat, owned by Linda and Chuck Adams is now powered and off the grid thanks to solar energy. 

“We are capable of running all of our low to moderate load appliances without a generator (that’s everything excluding air conditioner, electric water heater, and space heaters),” Chuck said. “We can now run everything as we did before, including television, microwave, and coffee maker. We stayed over a few weekends and ran everything as normal, without needing to run the generator. I have access to my boat cameras right now via the internet!”

Chuck is happy to offer recommendations that support 5 different scenarios: 

  1. Solar power to keep the batteries charged, which does not include the capability to run any electric This option will keep the batteries charged while the boat is unattended. 
  1. Solar electric power for occasional use on weekends, including short-term use of appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, and televisions. This does not include the capability of leaving the electric power on full-time. 
  1. Full-time electric power for one low powered appliance, typically Internet. This provides the ability to keep a desired low powered appliance on 24×7. This is the ideal solution for keeping internet access available so that cameras can continue to be accessed and monitored remotely. 
  1. Full-time electric power for weekend use. This is the ability to turn the solar electric power on at the start of the weekend and turn the power off at the end of the weekend and allow the batteries to recharge during the week while the boat is not in use. 
  1. Full-time uninterrupted solar electric power for all small and mid-sized appliances. This option allows electric power to be available to the boat full time, round the clock, including while the boat is not in use. This allows access to internet-connected appliances such as security cameras. This is the system we (Chuck and Linda) are building for our boat, which is presently at 600 watts of solar panels and will soon be expanded to 2400 watts of solar panels. Our (Chuck and Linda’s) system is currently functional and operational, but still needs additional panels installed to complete. 


Also, Lee Batty, of Pikes Peak Traveland sells solar power units and batteries according to his December 9 post on the North Shore Marina Facebook Page. 719.900.4800. 

Can we learn more about Ericka, the new Store Supervisor?

Answer: When we asked her the question, this is what she provided, along with a great photo! 

Hey y’all, my name is Ericka, and I’m your new North Shore Marina Store Supervisor! I have 2 boys, Jett and Adam. Jett is a great shot and Adam loves to fish and makes his own lures! 

My goals this season are to create an environment welcoming to all boaters, slip renters, and their guests and extend that to fellow fishermen, waterfowlers, and any other outdoor enthusiasts in our community! I will aim to provide the most suitable stock assortment, no matter your sport or recreational activities! 

On average, Lake Pueblo enjoys 258 sunny days a year! There’s a lot of fun in the sun, no matter the temperature… and we’re going to be here to help you make the most of your time off! Whether you’re in for a cup of coffee or a drain plug… we’ll be here to greet you with warm conversation. I look forward to hearing about your excursions, on or off the water. 

As a child, my fondest memories are shooting bullfrogs and fishing with my grandparents in Missouri, using a Zebco reel. After many years of moving from the states to Germany and back again— I have rediscovered my love for fishing with my husband Tim, and now proficiently use a spinning reel. In my bio photo, you can see me holding a 20” smallmouth caught late April 2021, right here— in Lake Pueblo! The state record at the time was 21.5”. I wouldn’t have had to google that if the guys at the mussel station didn’t suggest it. We submitted my catch to the Master Anglers Program for Colorado and now I have a patch to attach to my personal floatation device (PFD). 

Having over 20 years of retail experience with Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and serving our nation’s military and their families… people have always been

my favorite part of the job! I can’t wait to welcome you all back to the North Shore Marina— and allow me to serve you!

Can you update us on any design decisions for the new marina? I know it is a bit early, but I am so excited about the future of North Shore Marina and wanted to ask.

Answer: We have a preliminary marina layout and are working with an engineering firm that helped design Chatfield in Denver. We are excited to have found a Colorado- based company that will be familiar with our marina and location. Again, we are moving as fast as we can. Hard to believe, but this is only our second week in the calendar for our contract with CPW.  As you know, this is a complex process, but we did have a group of us come together on Monday to pull some creative ideas for marina design and amenities, which the company asked us for — “dreamy ideas concerning the perfect marina.” We will do our best to communicate on progress and appreciate the question.

By chance, do you happen to have the different widths of the slips for reference?

Answer: The typical width of most single slips is 10’, and typically double slips are 20’ wide. In the past, the docks have been modified in a few places where fingers are wider and encroach on the width of a slip, or there are some larger slips due to the way the docks were built. These odd-sized slips are not typical. We have attached the Rate sheet also for information.

We noticed the marina staff carrying some paint down the docks.

Answer: You caught us! We are cleaning, dusting and yes painting. Come into the store and check out the new color. Francisco and Lucas (on the ladder) can be seen in these photos putting on a fresh coat of paint.. Hope you like it. Again, we should be open soon. Thanks for your patience!

Were those items for the store we saw being delivered?

Answer: What sharp eyes! Yes, just the beginning of what we plan to be a well- stocked store. If you have any suggestions for what you want to see, please post them here for Ericka to review.

Say, are the dock bubblers working? I notice another cold spell is forecasted.

Answer: Take a look for yourself. These photos were taken Sunday. We appreciate CPW for their efforts to fund and help engineer our system. Our service crew checks the weather and water temperature daily to determine when to activate the system. We are working hard to “melt away” your Winter boating woes.

I submitted my signed contract, with the insurance and registration uploads, and registered with Dockwa with payment information. However, that was in December, and as of Jan 1, the registration expired, and my insurance policy shows that it expires on March 1, 2023. Both will be renewed before April 1st I want to know how or where to send those updated items when I get them, and does this affect my slip contract at this time? Also, where can I get a copy of my signed contract and other information on the rules regarding additional docking/storage at my slip (i.e., dock box, small dinghy, etc.)? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Answer: These are all very good questions. Management is new to using this program. I would surely think it would let you go in and update your own information. I will ask our support person at Dockwa. I think you can print your own information from Dockwa that shows your lease. We can go in and give you a lease number and the customer notes. Feel free to reach out to Kelli O’Neil via Facebook Messenger or call her at 719.351.8190


The month of January is winding down. When will we hear about getting an annual or seasonal slip?

Answer: We are about ready to begin assigning open slips. Both new annual and seasonal. So, if you still don’t have a contract – and by now you really should – or you know someone who is not sure they have a slip reserved, PLEASE, PLEASE contact us now. 719-351-8190.     Again, you will know if you are on our master list by receiving and signing a contract.

If we missed someone, we need to know. We will begin assigning people to these “empty” slips by the end of the month.


To find out why these questions and answers are being posted, please go to my post on December 20, 2022.


Will the breakwater, which was being modified with tires in front of the marina, continue?

Answer: CPW would like us to stop using tires in our wave breaks and dispose of the tires we have in dry storage. We are actively looking for a place to dispose of the tires in dry storage, and when the wave breaks are replaced, we will need a place to dispose of quite a few more tires. Regarding expanding the wave breaks, we are reviewing safety, engineering, and cost options.

Is it possible for boaters to receive text messages from Marina management?

Answer: Yes. It is one of the new amenities we are offering to slip renters. Please make sure we have your cell phone number.       We will include you in our messaging. Type STOP to opt out. The text message will come from 719-665-1050. You might not receive our texts due to several reasons: 

  • Phone numbers can not receive messages
  • The recipient has blocked text messages
  • Lack of space on the phone to receive any more text messages
  • The message is dropped as the phone is moving or not close to a cell tower,
Does the North Shore Marina have an Instagram account?

Answer: Yes. @nsmpubleo. It is entirely visual for some of you who might not be familiar with this social media platform. Photos. Videos. A marina is an ideal place to use this platform, don’t you think? Please like our account and share your photos and videos relating to marina activities only. Post only your best photos!

What is the status of the boatyard?

Answer: It is available. We have been working very hard to get the yard cleaned up and useful for storing boats, trailers, and jet skis from this point on. We are also trying to get a good list of boats and trailers currently stored in the yard. So, if you have items that you believe are in the yard, let us know via We might need identification as proof of ownership, so we appreciate your understanding. As you know from our fee chart, there is a charge for storage. Also, believe it or not…there is some very nice equipment with no identification. If we don’t find owners soon, we will be forced to move the items out of the yard.

Now that our account is on Dockwa. Can you provide us with answers to these questions?
  1. Will we get a monthly invoice via email from Dockwa, and if so, what date should it arrive?

Answer: Dockwa will send a reminder that payment is due on the first of the month.

  1. When we signed up with Dockwa, we only had one option for payment. May we stop that, and if so, what is the process? 

Answer: We can change that setting from the management side. Please reach out to or message us through Dockwa to change that to manual pay. We can also change the payment method to allow other forms of payment besides credit cards. 

  1. Can we mail a check, for example?

Answer: See #2 

  1. Do we have the option for what day of the month we would like to send payment to North Shore Marina? Normally, there is a 10-day grace period for payments to businesses but again, I am not sure what your requirements are. 

Answer: Currently, there is no option to change the autopay date. If paying manually, we still ask for payment to be made on or by the first of the month. Dockwa will send weekly reminders if payment is not made. We currently don’t have a late payment policy and will deal with late payment situations on a case-by-case basis.

Since your team is painting, may I make a suggestion? Make slip #s visible from the water.

Answer: To this point, this has yet to be on our radar; however, we will consider it, as we can see the benefit of having the slip numbers visible from the water and the walkway.

Was wondering if there has been any thought to hiring after-hour security guards to justify the increases in slip fees?

Answer: I do not know about personnel, but I can tell you that upgrading cameras is in the works.

Is there any way we can find a map of the marina slips? A few friends are asking where our slip is compared to where their slip is?


Does the North Shore Marina have a website?

Answer: Yes. At this time, we have a landing page only – a snapshot of what is to come. There are no links to click but we will add those capabilities as we load information. So, please bookmark the URL above and watch for updates soon.

Will I need a Colorado State Park pass to access the marina?

Answer: Yes. You can purchase a day pass; however, most seasonal and annual slip renters buy the year-long pass with unlimited access. It is our understanding that with a Colorado vehicle registration in 2023 for $29 you will be able to get the Colorado Wild Pass. Check out this site to find out which park pass is right for you. Click here:

Am I required by the state of Colorado to register my boat?

Answer: Yes. Any boat with a motor or sail operated in Colorado on any public waters must be registered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

  • Colorado residents are required to register their boats with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and must provide acceptable proof of ownership.
  • Non-residents: Vessels from other states may be operated in Colorado for up to 60 days with current registration from the owner’s state. Learn more here:
I was wondering if the new vendor could assist with efforts to sell my boat? I believe the last commercial vendor for North Shore Marina provided this service.


The current vendor is not licensed for boat sales. You might want to check with South Shore Marina as they do advertise this

service: However, it is ok to post boats for sale on our Facebook Group page if you are a member. Also, it is our understanding that Dallas might set up a sales entity. Or, you could reach out to him to see if he is interested in selling your boat as a side commission.

Sorry if this has already been asked… does anyone know the status of “The List” for those of us not current slip renters wanting seasonal slips for this summer? I have not been contacted yet, but am hoping my name is still on The List and I will be contacted!? Do we just keep waiting or is no news, not good news lol and if so who do we follow up with? Thx Have a great day.

Answer: Thanks for asking. If you contacted us then you should be on the list. You can email: or message Kelli G O’Neil to check on status. I will tell you that the team is still working on the annual list so we apologize for the delay. Again, it is great that you want to moor your boat here at NSM. Appreciate the question! Have a great holiday weekend!

Is there a difference between seasonal and nonseasonal?

Answer: There is also a difference between seasonal and non seasonal. Please call if you have questions.

I have a boat trailer in your storage area. However, my Dockwa invoice is not showing the fee for this service. How do we provide payment?”

Answer: We do not know what trailers are up behind the fence. It would be nice if you would send us a message through Dockwa or the manager’s email.

Please have your updated registration and plates so we can identify the trailer. We will start billing from March.1st.

Did I hear this building might be a clubhouse?

Answer: It’s going to make a really cool clubhouse! We already have industrial furniture picked out and Dallas and the team are working hard painting and putting new countertops in. We also are looking into other exciting amenities for the building. We definitely will have to break it in and have a meet and greet.

Can you offer portable generator safety tips?


  1. Run portable generators only where they can be fully
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm and use a portable generator that has built-in CO safety technology, shutting off when unacceptable levels of CO are
  4. Keep the generator Protect from moisture with the use of a specially-made tent, canopy, or enclosure. There are many tents and canopies for generators on the market. These tents and canopies are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to assemble and erect, and because they are open all around the bottom, they permit air to circulate. Do not use in rain or wet conditions or touch with wet hands.
  5. Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool Fuel spilled on hot engine parts could ignite.
  6. Always start or stop the generator only when no electrical loads are
  7. Use the proper power cords. Plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated cords with a wire gauge adequate for the appliance load. Overloaded cords can cause fires or equipment Do not use extension cords with exposed wires or worn shielding.
  8. The generator must be properly If the generator is not grounded, you run the risk of electrocution. We strongly recommend that you check and adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local regulations relating to grounding.
  9. Operate the generator only on level surfaces and where it will not be exposed to excessive moisture, dirt, dust, or corrosive vapors.
  10. Do not smoke near fuel or generators.

The O’Neil Group (OGC) is the new vendor as of Winter 2022.  Founder Kevin O’Neil is a native of Southern Colorado. “I grew up boating and camping with my family. It was a wonderful experience, and I believe it helped shape who I am. Boating is a dedicated hobby and lifestyle that brings family and friends together.”

OGC is deploying a phased approach to marina operations by stabilizing the marina, prioritizing safety, and preserving the marina vessels over the winter months.  Currently, OGC is transitioning the marina to a state of safety, operational readiness, construction, and revitalization.

OGC plans to negotiate a long-term Marina contract with the State of Colorado.

Learn more:

1 N Marina Rd.
Pueblo West, CO. 81007

Open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving and Christmas
Winter (October-April), 8 AM-4:30 PM
Summer (May-September)
Mon-Thurs, 8AM-6PM
Fri-Sun, 7AM-9PM

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