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Moorage & Slips

Moorage & Slips

Total number of slips is about 535, give or take a couple.  Some slips have been modified to have wider docks, and less water space, so they throw off the numbers slightly.

Slips are not being classified as seasonal or annual this year due to the fact that none of them have power.   We have offered annual contracts to those that wanted to have their boats in the water before April 1st.  All others have been given seasonal contracts.  This method makes sense for this season, and probably until we have power restored to the slips.

As of of March 15, 2023 , we have 22 slips left available to rent for the summer season, as well as one jet ski dock.

We are also holding back about 15 slips for day boaters, and have already had requests for some of the holiday weekends to rent those slips.

— Manager, North Shore Marina

Check with us on availability by calling: 719.547.3880 or

1 N Marina Rd.
Pueblo West, CO. 81007

Open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving and Christmas
Winter (October-April), 8 AM-4:30 PM
Summer (May-September)
Mon-Thurs, 8AM-6PM
Fri-Sun, 7AM-9PM

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